What is your favorite Typophile logo?

Dan Gayle's picture

Out of curiosity, now that we've all gotten to stare at them for a while, what is your favorite Typophile logo in the loop?
Mine is this one, and yes, it is mine. That is my prerogative :)

Zara Evens's picture

Did you just screenshot that? When did you last clear your cache? That typeface isn't online currently.

DrDoc's picture

This one. I don't know whose it is.

Dan Gayle's picture

@Zara I took a screenshot the first time I saw it, so yeah, it's old.

What I should have clarified, is besides nepotism, which logo stands the test of time? Which one immediately reads: Typophile DOT COM (in harmony on the last part...)

Si_Daniels's picture

I don't like the one with the hidden swastika.

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