Colaborate by Ralph Oliver du Carrois

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I came across this font which I think is fairly nice. 5 weights from thin to bold (which is fairly bold). No italic which is a shame but I think what is there is pretty decent. Has anyone used this in any projects? Anyone have any opinion on the font?

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The ampersand is kinda fugly and the Q reminds me of Thesis and the W and w both have an apex problem and the t falling below the baseline looks more like a mistake and the bold weight just looks extrapolated.

Am I being too harsh?

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Check out Aller designed by Bruno Maag. It is also free to download.

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I was going to use it for a project; I think it's pretty nice, actually, but the t sort was too distracting, for lack of a better word

Aller's also very nice, and sort of complementary, but there the k and x stick out a little, for better or worse (although I do like the Aller &).

I think they're both nice, although it depends on what you'd be using it for.

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The t defiantly catches the eye, this is fine in larger display settings for me. I was actually directly comparing it with Aller earlier today. I'm looking for something for a client who wants the be the 'fresh' and 'edgy' cliche (although I do like their genuine attitude). I was favouring Colaborate because of its thin face and ability to have a lot of contrast with the bold. I personally like Aller better except the blocky serif (is there a name for this?) on top of the i and j annoy me a bit. I think it works better on the capital J. The a, b, g and l are what I really enjoy. The italics have a nice treatment too.

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