was 'Buzzing' [Jim Knipfel] title done on Photoshop?

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Is the type treatment done on the Buzzing jacket title done via a filter on photoshop?
If so does anyone have any details?
Thanks in advance.

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Either that or maybe something like Mr. Retro's Permanent Press Filters.

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You don’t need a filter really.

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jupiterboy please elaborate -

The only way i was thinking was to use the circle tool on a seperate layer, on top of type (using it as a guide) - effectively hand lettering.

ive tried the installed filters (ie halftone etc) but without comporable success, nothing that can render in that quality.

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1. Render each letter in P-shop as a Grayscale image at 1200 dpi.

2. Apply increasing levels of gaussian blur to the letters. Experimentation will give different end results.

3. Convert each letter to bitmap, selecting the halftone option. Lower line screens will give a more pronounced dot. You may need to work with the angle of the halftone and rotation of the letter either before or after conversion to bitmap.

4. Place each letter, or 1200 dpi composite of word, in page layout program and assign screen mix or spot color as desired.

5. Open beer and consume.

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That works very well. Thanks, James!


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