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I've been working on a content management system for photographers called "Loupe". It's nearing completion so I've started playing with a few ideas for a logo.

It's based on the shape of a photographer's loupe and I'm aiming for a professional look.

any feedback or ideas?



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I don't like the colors, specifically the choice of green. The white separator between two parts of the mark looks strange; I'd rather keep the mark either fully 3D or 2D. The text needs to be kerned, but I guess you are not at this stage yet. Also the choice of type is a "Web 2.0" cliche, though depending on your marketing strategy you may actually need that.

The overall impression of the logo is quite good though. It looks decent and it is memorable. Just needs few tweaks IMO.

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thanks for the comments epsilicon... you're right that I've not kerned yet, and your advice on colours is helpful.

I'm working on a new version that I'll upload soon.

thanks again

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I know it's a bit of a fad, but P could easily be changed with a loupe... ;)
Robert Koritnik

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