Fix bad google typophile search/indexing

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Typophile forums are currently bad indexed by google. The fix is to make inbound links for Google to follow.

make some links to main forum and your subforum of choice and post in your Typophile blog, or even better your outside typophile blog. Then submit the url to Google.( )

You may cut‘n paste this:


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I have submitted my google submit url...

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Google should only need ''. I think the problem is that '' has no links that are followable by google (too much Flash).

Barring a fix of the home page, it might make sense to submit site maps to google.

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>The fix is to make inbound links for Google to follow.

Surely the fix is not to rely on a third-parties for your site's search functionality, especially those motivated by ad revenue, and who accept ads that many typophile members would consider shady?

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Anyways, IF members want google to index better more inbound links and insite links may help. there are lots of inbound links to the main forum page, but not to the subforums.

aluminum's picture don't need to take ads from google to use it to search your site.

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Was talking about the ads you see when you use a search engine to search Typophile. Don't know if these ads are shady - just sayin' you give up a lot when you let someone else control your visitor's search experience.

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Hey all,

It was just brought to our attention that there are issues with indexing. I don't have any answers as of yet, but we'll be looking into it.

Thanks all for the feedback,

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Having both searches available is the best option, IMHO. A good internal search can use the localhost's DB to search down into every nook and cranny, which is of course, crappy on this site.

But having your site indexed by Google is a Good Thing™, for more than simple searches. There are, after all, sponsored ads on this site. And a Google search with Typophile results may attract more users. Many typographic discussions outside of Typophile could be answered simply by one of our many discussions, but I never see a Typophile show up in relevant results. I saw lots of this in college, and I still do as a professional. Some things that I know we have discussed here never showed up for relevant searches.

Also, if you do a Google search, MANY of the results pages will show SEARCH pages, rather than the relevant content page. (Which is a Cardinal Sin for SEO folks.) Search pages should be "noindex, nofollowed".

An XML sitemap would do the trick, but considering the years this forum has been around, it would be a b* to get set up properly. It would certainly have to be dynamically generated by Drupal, but I don't know if Drupal's XML Sitemap Generator has the capabilities for proper multi-sitemap functionality.

Nice email address :)

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Nice email address :)

Sii, I think your highlighter missed some of the shady advertising on that page!

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Zara Evans: Hey all,
It was just brought to our attention that there are issues with indexing. I don’t have any answers as of yet, but we’ll be looking into it.

I believe its possible to use a 3rd party app to index the site and build a xml for submitting to Google...

John M.

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Sii...gotcha. Yes, true.

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There are some more (relevant) results if you search like this: my search instead of my search or my search

Anyway, it’s just temporary solution and it’s still not good enough.

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