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I am very proud to announce the release of my display typeface Fiasco.
Fiasco is a psychedelic constructivist face. Extremely influenced by the new rave trend. It is a reflex of it's excesses. Way too many elements, bright neon colors, and that not-knowing-when-to-stop sort of behavior. Excess would be the word that best describes it. Acid House aesthetic remixed by the nu school djs. Fiasco dances to Justice, Simian, to nu rave, nu disco, electrorock and baltmore. Born in the 80's, grew in the 90's and appeared a couple years ago. Smileys, gas masks, raves, lollypops, it's all back. Neon Flashbacks.

Fiasco is available from YouWorkForThem:

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Clever! Maybe too clever? :-)

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funny but hard to read

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but amusing none the less

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Thank you Marcel. :)

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Very nice!
But change the name. Something like "Tweety".


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Thank you Hrant.
That's a nice suggestion! But I think it's a bit too late for that now. :)
But you or I should design a different one with that name in mind.

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I love the name. That's a great promo image there - the car.

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