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Hello, I would want to show you my corporative identity project for an adventure trip company. The customer was looking for a modern, cool image which involved all kind of adventure trip, from the lightest to the most exciting. Critics will be wellcome. Thank you.


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hi sergio

i think N is the only character that has bad legibility, i like the stencil type you are using, and i am wondering why you didn't use it on the G, stencil types have a big adventure spirit.

although i like the flourish kind of thing on your N and G, i think that you should stay with the stencil, cause flourish type+stencil+thecircle is too much.

i think that the letters in the circle you should increase them at small sizes for better lecture, and maybe you can give less contrast between the the circle and the black to read NATURAL HIGH better.

well done


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Nice work (visually speaking), but I wonder if it strikes a chord with intended target market.
Big adventure? Makes me think more of abstract theater performance. I think starting from scratch would be the way to go. Forget what you like personally, and stick with what sells for the client and audience. Design is business not art.

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I know this example is specifically for safaris and has a more traditional or expected design approach, but maybe it can provide some inspiration

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