how do you write an ae?

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Or rather an æ?

In the crit thread on my handwriting-inspired font we ran into this question. I have little experience with this glyph.

In handwritten form, would æ usually be written like an 'a' and then an 'e', but abutted? Or does one swing down and around and up and around, so that the crossbar of the a goes right into the crossbar of the e? Or does a handwritten form most often employ a single-story 'a' form?

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This is the most common form, at least in Norway.

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I draw a figure 8 at a 45 degree angle. then I draw a squigly line through the center of the figure 8. It comes out looking something like freestyle.

This is half in jest because I don't know if I ever use this ligature in everyday handwriting.

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I'm curious how French speakers write æ and œ, since both are supposed to be used in French (though they're really, really rare).

I myself rarely write æ. When I do, I usually begin by tracing the loop of a half-hearted single-storey a, clockwise, and then connect the e from there, so I end up with something like this:

It's a hassle to write, and I suspect if I were writing in a language that uses æ frequently, I'd use a simpler form.

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We use "æ" in Norwegian. We don't have "œ", so there's rarely a need to separate the two.

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Found in Garonne italic:

Garonne is the new type system for Toulouse discussed here:

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A E Æ a e æ; from a Norwegian primer (1979):

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Interesting. Thanks for the answers, everyone.

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This is how I tend to write it when using IPA or when using those few words in English that use it, pretty similar to Jonseong just with a more clearly defined two-story a (which is my normal a). However I do know it's the same form used by Spaniards when writing a cursive x (then again, their cursive f is my esh so...).

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