Customization of the letter V

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I'm in process of trying out ideas for a wordmark, which includes customized letter "V". Its basic shape is like this:


The goal is to make "V" resemble a flipped over "A" and include a pointy, arrow-like element to render a concept of "bouncing back".

I thought I'd try and see if/how it would look in a Serif font, made few sketches and that's when I realized that I am seriously out of my depth here. I mean they look OK to me, but I just can't tell if the Serif option is something that's worth pursuing.

Any thoughts, advice or comments on the following pair of sketches ? Either specific or of a general nature (e.g. "don't mess with a good typeface").


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Oh, well. No harm in trying I guess ..

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You will probably get more responses to this if you put it in the logo section, since that's what you're really doing.

I have no strong reactions to it. If the arrow is intended to suggest going upward/beyond, perhaps it should exceed the caps height.

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I see fishing-hook-barb before I see arrow.

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Are you designing a custom corporate font, or just drawing a logo?

If the latter is true, the Critique » Serif place is not the better to get attention.

Craig and Steve: I agree.


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@Marcelo: No, not the type, just the logo.

@eliason: Good point re: fishing hook, Craig. That's all I see now too :)

Thanks, guys. Case closed, serif'ed version is a no-go.

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Just started new thread in the Logo section - Any thoughts are welcome.

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