battle for my logotype, win $100?

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i would like to hire you to create a logo/logotype for my web design company, "moscarda" sometimes i abbreviate it to "mdc" for moscarda design collective, but i think i just want the logo to say "moscarda". however, if you have any creative ideas for "mdc" feel free to show me those too.

as far as style goes, i like much of the typography from the futurists, dada, avantgarde. i'd love it if it could look like something from a propaganda poster. other kinds of logotypes i like are hand-drawn, not calligraphy, but more unique. it is important that no two characters are identical.

one idea i had, that i would love to see, is a fingerprint logo, with letters hidden inside the fingerprint. i understand if this is too complicated. other than the possible fingerprint, i don't want any other graphics in the logo, just letters.

i will paypal the one i like best $100 in exchange for a hi-resolution file. if i see really great work, i can pay a lot more, but this is a forum post, so my expectations arent that high.

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Hi, ‘firstname lastname’. Are you a cautious type or just naturally modest?

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Cracking article Altaira!

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Hey big spender - you've certainly come to the right place.

Good to see that your expectations aren't that high - is that in terms of quality, or take-up on your generous offer? When you say you can pay a lot more, does that mean you can stretch to maybe $120?

Nick Cooke

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For $100 you shouldn't have very high expectations anyway. ;)

In other words, I really doubt anyone here will step into this...

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For $100 I’ll photograph a pile of frozen dogshit and send you a hi-res photo. Would that qualify?

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"but this is a forum post, so my expectations arent that high"

You mean you're cheap and don't understand anything about the business so your expectations aren't that high.

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Lets see, $100 can get me to draw a stick figure doing something lewd... could that work as a logo for you?

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LOL!!! James, your comment cracked me up.

But really nkautz, are you serious? You obviously don't know anything about this forum or the graphic design business.


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Also keep in mind that paying for a logo contest isn't a good way to spend your money:

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On Typophile of all places :)
Personal Art and Design Portal of Ivan Gulkov

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James, for $100, you really could get fresh.

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Hello there,

You can find sites over the internet that will throw you in an oasis of designers moved by the incontenable instinct to crash the high prices. Just foofle you away for few hours to get there.

Good Luck.

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Is that $100 US or $100 Canadian?



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$100 for a logo what a joke. Hire someone at kinkos.


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Paypal me the $100 and I'll send you the best logo I can make in 30 minutes.


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So I'm seeun' youse is frum Brooklyn. My cousin Nunzio will be right ovah to collect from you da C note youse got. Maybe he might need to rearrange your attitude wit the need for findin da propah respect. You will find the logo nicely bruised between your knees, if ya get my drift.


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Nunzio was the best Accounts Receivable Manager I've ever worked with.

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nkautz, i would be really interested to know if anyone submitted logos to you based on this posting. If so, do you know if they were students?

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someone mentioned poop... it seems the current avatar for mr nkautz looks like poop... the solution is already at hand...

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His avatar certainly isn't as good as yours farquart.

Besides, I am going to do his logo for 89.50 Nigerian : )


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Does it matter if it is a student, it is only $100.


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He's not coming back. Let the thread die... ;)

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and we in israel thought it was only an israeli thing.
turns out stupidity and greed and general disrespect to our profession is WORLDWIDE :D

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Yaro, I am afraid that it is a long-lived world-wide plague :-(


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The very thing that makes this place possible has taken away our privilege in the marketplace: instant communication worldwide. Something new will emerge form it, but I am not sure I want to be a part of it. Contests for a book cover from an University Press for $150 to the winner? I used to charge that for a good picture search. A logo for $100 to the winner? Used to expect that just to sit down to a job. Is it worth a new thread to discuss this depressing state of affairs?

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WELL, in order to make things more tangible for this kind of "client", there was an excellent example someone said at the israeli "visual communication" forum, which is:

"i declare a contest of wood closets. the preferred carpenter wins 100 shekels!!"

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ha! nice yaron!

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I declare a contest of brain surgeons, the one who does the best job of operating on my brain tumor gets $100--that is if I have enough brains left to pay him! :=)


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What I don’t understand is the whole Idea of a designer going to another designer for their logo to be designed... Surely your logo should be a piece of you, an extreme (dare use the word couture) example of what you the designer is capable of or inspired by. I bet Nkauts or whatever his name is uses those damn pre made web layout things. Nothing makes my blood boil more than so called designers who don’t do what the title they use suggests. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......


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It's often quite practical and efficient to outsource one's own design as a designer. One can often lose sight of the big picture when being overly picky with designing for oneself.

I'll repeat what I said earlier, but I think, though it's true, complaining about how it 'cheapens the industry' really has no sway on anyone that would use a contest to get design created.

We all know Wal-Mart sells crap, but in the end, people seem fine with crap as long as its cheap.

I think a better argument to dissuade people from using contests is that logo contests aren't actually cheap compared to the quality of product you are buying.

$100 isn't much, but you'd still get a better product spending $100 for 1 hour of time from a great designer than you'll get from 20 designers of 'contest caliber'.

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I'll design you a new avatar for 100$

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I want to battle for it! who wants to take a run at me?


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@coupdegrace: I hope you're joking. Nobody can see you winking in cyberspace.

If you're not joking, I would suggest other ways to make $100, like waiting under the bridge for a construction truck to come pick you up for day labor. Based on the amount of time I typically spend on a logo, this would be a quicker way to make $100, and more straight-forward.

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Seems like you're in the wrong venue.

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And the winner is....?

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