Clever typography tee - KERN

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Thought someone on here would get a kick out of this cool typography tee -

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Isn’t this an example of tracking and not kerning?

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Yes. Oh well.

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Haha, indeed. I totally get that everyone wants to feel exclusive and cool by using words like "kern" to make a statement, but it is important to get the terminology correct before stamping it all over your clothing (or maybe it isn't? :/).

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Kerning and tracking are two related and frequently confused typographical terms. Both refer to the adjustment of space between characters of type.

Kerning is Selective Letter spacing.

Tracking is Overall Letterspacing.

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make that ‘infrequently confused’, at least around here, please

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Bit too tight for Museo, surely

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@mili - hence the "TIGHT" in the wording. Nice job identifying the font! Museo is a fav of mine.

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Hey, Zara, you might like this t-shirt: ;-)


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