Franklin Gothic - can it be a text face?

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I'm in the process of making a text face comparision for non-designer colleagues, using familiar fonts bundled with various operating systems and programs. And also a few unfamiliar (to them) text faces for contrast.

I know Franklin Gothic is known as a newspaper & advert headline face, but since it also comes with a lighter weight, is it ever suitable as a text face?

To me it looks businesslike, certainly not elegant, but preferable to Arial, for instance.

Thanks in advance.

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I wouldn't want to read anything longer than a brief memo in Franklin Gothic.

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Trade Gothic would be a better choice.


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Another vote for Trade Gothic.

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Franklin Gothic is perfectly suitable for text as long as you choose the right weight and point size. I use 9.5 pt. ITC Franklin Gothic Std Book Condensed for short articles and sidebars. I will choose it, News Gothic or Trade Gothic over Helvetica or Arial every day of the week.

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Thanks everyone, this is useful.

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Franklin Gothic works for short text, as others have commented. For longer text, I prefer News Gothic or Benton Gothic/Benton Sans over Trade Gothic. However, I haven't examined the Trade Gothic Next series, which might be improved.

Wouldn't really use any of them for extended reading. More like sidebars and box text.

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I'm right there with Stan and Kent. I almost always use the condensed cuts of Franklin Gothic. It is one of my favorite typefaces.


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