It's five o'clock somewhere...

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I found an interesting drink recipe in the Autumn 1937 issue of the Colophon, p. 620:

Tippling subscribers who live in New York may be interested to know that the Restaurant Dubonnet at 5 East 45th St. still serves the Colophon Cocktail, consisting of sherry, rye whiskey, apricot brandy, and Dubonnet. Make mine a blue blazer.

Any guesses about the proportions?

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a terrible thing to do to rye whiskey. The proportions I'd use would be two shots of rye, and then wave goodbye to all the other bottles. It's only 6.13 a.m. here, but I'm thinkin' about this for the evening tune-up.


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Noam, I would try one half of every one, that will make a double, that should melt the ice. Will, do you think that a better name for the recipe above would be Colostomy Cocktail?

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Nope. It does not deserve a name.


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