Archer by H&FJ

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Anyone else absolutely adore Archer?

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Hmm. I like it a lot, but I can't say I adore it. I do adore Whitney, though.

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LOL.. You got that right. But I like it too! Note to self: keep saving up for it!

Anyone know anything similar?

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what do you mean sii?

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Martha Stewart Magazine uses Archer, hence she probably love it.

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Indeed! I suddenly feel as though I should hate it.

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it is lovely. although i wish there were some fatter weights...

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@ certainly looks similar..but the width is too narrow for me, lovely work though.

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Best traits:

-Selective, appropriate ball terminals (so hot)
-Confident, commanding even at hairline weight
-Feels so fresh and new, though steeped in history


Don't know if I mentioned it before, but I love your site design.
Great showcase/compliment to beautiful work.

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Yes, it is a nice font and I like the ball terminals. However I don't adore it as much as ???????


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yeah... huh?

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FB Farnham

Christian Schwartz your a genius.


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European designers seem to appreciate Archer too.

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nice piece shickele

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