Moving printed posters

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we are in the middle of developing a new printed campaign for the local council, as part of this we have 3 stationery spots that will have printed posters.

We are looking to do something a bit more interesting that your usual poster and wuold like to use the print technology that make a printed poster look as if it's moving, you walk past and the poster changes. It looks like those fake hologram card I used to get when i was a little-un, slight ridges to the print, each ridge with a different picture that comes into view when your at the right angle. (hope that makes sense)

I have been trying to search for it for ages on google and can't find anything.
Does any one have any ideas about this or know what printers offer this sort of printAany help or pointers would be amazing, if your around Torquay a few free pints is on offer as well.


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You may want to search for 'Lenticular' technology/printing.

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David YOUR A STAR! perfect answer thanks

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There’s this tutorial for a DIY lenticular at Photojojo. It’s probably not suited for your case but someone might find it helpful.

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