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I'm playing with some branding ideas for a software product and there's one quirky idea that I'd really love to get a feedback for.

The image is linked below, but let me first just give a quick summary of a product.

It is a form of a backup software, which basically makes copies of specified files so to protect against the data loss due to the hardware failures and assist with the disaster recovery.

If you are going to look, remember your first, 3 second impressions and let me know what they are. Just instant associations and whether it's memorable and easy to recall if needed. I'm really curious how it looks to other people :-)

The image is __here__.


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I read "Buckup". That is my first impression.

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Me too.

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Sorry for the profanity, but the first thought I was was 'fuckup.' Perhaps it's because of the 'f' underneath in the tagline. Also, the tagline doesn't appear to be perfectly centered (if that's what you intended). Just some thoughts. :) Really like the font BVCKUP is in, however.

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I read **** up. But maybe it could work if you just change the tagline to: "There for you when you &%*$ up"


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Bingo :)

Frankly, the f###up reference is exactly why I said it was a quirky idea and why I think it really helps recalling the name by the software function. It sounds that it needs tweaking though so that it would've not been that evident.

Eleanor, it is indeed not centered nor is it kerned for that matter. The whole thing is a rough sketch. Good point re: the 'f' in the tag line evoking the association, never thought about it from this angle.

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A couple of variations to make V look less like U and more like flipped A:

Any better in terms of profanity insinuation ?

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I too, first saw "effed up". Is profanity insinuation bad? I think it makes it memorable. We've all heard of "Phucket", right?

In your new example, the upside down 'A' feels like an arrow pointing down...which confused me momentarily because it insinuated "back down". I like the first insinuation better. :)

BTW - Those two examples look identical to me. Am I missing something?

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Ugh, my bad. Let me try this again:

I think the second option is not bad, because V looks like an inverted A and the upper curve implies the U. Though good point it looking like a down arrow..

By the way turning A into an up arrow would match the "backup" word very well. I don't think anyone has done this before. Too bad the word itself is too generic and not really an option for a product name.

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Why not simply caal it BECKAP? and make A as up pointing arrow... or something. Probably been overused... ;)
Robert Koritnik

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Oh and one more idea I forgot to mention... When I try to associate BVCKUP with a reliable backup service it somehow fails... Why? Because it has spelling errors in it.
Robert Koritnik

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i read it as backup no problem but i'm also dyslexic hehe

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Oki doki, fellas. Thanks for the feedback.

I hope that at the very least you got a chuckle out of this :-)

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If anyone cares, here's the final version:

The website is being worked on, but the logo is already on it.

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well there you go.
looks aight

Paul Ducco
Graphic Designer
Short Film Festival

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I thought I'd bump up this thread and show the evolution of the logo. Here is the original in its spruced up form:

and the same in application on the website:

and on the blog:

Then, I had it reworked for the second version.

Kept the "inverted A / delta / shield" symbol, but switching from the uppercase Gotham to the lowercase Alright Sans <- my new absolute favorite sans (Thanks, Jackson!). The original logo was a bit too grand and pompous for what the software was/is and it needed to be simpler.

Incidentally, the logo landed itself naturally to a quirky holiday greeting card (for the mailing list subscribers), and this is what I wanted to share in the first place:

Hope you, guys, like it. And in any case -

¡sɐɯʇsıɹɥɔ ʎɹɹǝɯ


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