Thick Titling Serif?

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I'm looking for a thick, substantial titling serif, similar to H&FJ's Saracen, but with a classic bracketed serif. Any suggestions?

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Maybe check out Traktoretka?

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What quality of Saracen are you after? Is Zócalo Display Black in the ball park?

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Zocalo is attractive, but I particularly like how Saracen is thick on all strokes, though there is some contrast. I also like the fairly conventional lettershapes, which Zocalo does have, while Traktorekta doesn't so much.

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Hmm. Might be tough to find something heavy for display, but with modest contrast and classical serif structure.

Substantial, titling, and bracketed serifs usually leads to high contrast. Conversely, substantial and low contrast usually leads to slab or wedge serifs.

What about something like Iowan Old Style Black?

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That's great, Kentlew! I may very well use Iowan, assuming no one's got a better suggestion.

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Friedrich Poppl's Nero Bold ?

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Thanks all, these are great!

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