'Whitney' by Hoefler & Frere-Jones

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Just curious, but what are everyone's impressions of Whitney by Hoefler and company? I've been eyeing the face since they recently announced availability, and from what I can tell it seems like a very clean, versatile face that could offer a refreshing (though not entirely different) break from Meta, Fago, Avenir, and other similar faces. But is it distinctive enough? I'm considering getting the basic / small caps families and was curious what others thought.

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Wow, I didn't know the Whitney Sans had been released. Where was I when this was announced?

I first noticed Whitney when Matthew Carter selected it for his Critic's Award in the first Critique competition back in 1998. I was under the impression that it was created for the Whitney under the auspices of the Font Bureau, so I'm a little curious that Tobias is now able to release it through H&F-J.

-- K.

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Whitney Sans?
Yeah, I went to to the website to check it out.
Apparently it's named after a museum, not a naked diva.
Type geeks -- gotta love 'em.

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Whitney Sans was featured in a magazine ad recently ... HOW, Print, one of those.

The ad also mentioned the HTF name change.


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Yeah, interestingly, the advertisements for Whitney hit magazines a few weeks before Hoefler updated their web site.

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Do you have a particular project in mind, or are you just wanting
a versatile font family?

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