Letter "A" in every day stuff?

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Hi, I'm new here. I'm studying graphic design in Chile... really far away from most members on this forum.
For my typography exam I have to make a book that has different chapters regarding typography, like history, design, construction of the letter, etc... The book has to be based only on one letter of the alphabet.
I chose the letter "A". One of the sections is about showing the letter in every day stuff. For example: a ring could be the letter "o", or a pair of scissors open could represent the letter "x".
I'm having trouble finding the letter A, either big or small (A, a) in every day stuff, so any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

thank you.

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A ladder from the side would be perfect.

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Joanne, un caballete de pintura, unos columpios, una escalera, una estructura tubular, unas piernas caminando, las manecillas de un reloj, etc

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