(x) Episcopal Conference Center - probably hand-painted, similar to Century {Mark S, Mike Y}

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Does anybody recognize this font. I thought it was Caxton but the R's in particular are not.


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There are a lot of irregularities in the letter construction and proportions. I think it's likely this was from a hand-painted sign or something similar.

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I had to copy the image and shrink it to about 10% to see what you meant, but I agree that it seems hand-drawn. The N's are different widths and the R's have different tails. Except for the A, which looks like some Caslon's, I would say the lettering seems based on a heavy weight of Century.

Hey Mark, did you decide to scour the old threads for ones that were never solved? I see a flock of posts like this.

- Mike Yanega

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Jared posted a list of "cold cases" recently and I tried to crack a few this morning:


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