Redesigning skol (beer)

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Ok. I need to do this job for my university and i need some help. Skol is the biggest brazilian beer. It has 30% of market share which is 475million litters/year. This is their logo.

Skol is considered, above everything, one of the coolest brazilian brands and its target is 18-24 years old. In my opinion this logo is a bit outdated, as far its positioning is concerned. So if you agree how could this brand get a new face? If you don't, how to make this logo look better?

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You have a really cool project to work on here, but you need to go through a thought process and begin developing some concepts before posting here. Give us something to critique. Showing the current logo and saying that it looks outdated, then asking us how to update it is a bit of a cop out. Do some work

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You might also take a look at the Coors Light redesigned logo,
which started showing up in advertising about six weeks ago.

The company took something old and classic and redrew it for a younger demographic.

i don't have any scans (or cans) handy, sorry.

the older logo is still on the coors light site.

maybe google.

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