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Hi guys,

Throughout the past few years I've become more and more obsessed with typography. So much so, that I've now decided I'm going to create my own.

I present to you: Camber - a delicate and tiny seriffed type.

Please be aware that this is my very first attempt at a typeface, and not yet produced in a font editing application, so nothing is set in stone just yet - especially the letter spacing.

I'd just like some feedback on my lowercase before I move on to CAPS or numbers. Please let me know what you think.

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My disclaimer: I'm not really a typographer. I don't know if you're font is too similar to an existing font, but I think your font looks nice. So far I've made a few brief attempts at creating my own typeface and I realize it's extremely difficult to create something subtle and beautiful.

That said here are a few thoughts: I think the lowercase e, o, and r should be a bit wider. I'd rotate the axis of the lowercase s counter clockwise a little; right now it looks like it might fall over. I'm not sure what it's called but I think the horizontal stroke of the lowercase r (the arm?) looks a too short, chopped off. At smaller sizes I think some variation in the width of the vertical strokes will help the letters look balanced.

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It has some superficila similarities to my Palormak font, like the tapered ends of the a, t, and f, but not so much that anyone would say one is derivative of the other.

Overall you have a pretty good thing shaping up. The "o" is a bit pointy looking, and something is a bit awkward with the descender of the "g", but that's something I have a lot of trouble getting right myself.

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Thanks for the feedback guys, I've had some other similar comments regarding the height of the e and o, problems with the letter s and g. Here is an update :)


- Thinner crossbars on the t and f
- Pointed bottom of the v
- More unified tails on a, g, f, t and e
- Reduced overshoot
- Corrected shape inconsistencies with s, g and a
- Every lowercase letter of the english alphabet

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This feels like a modernization of Albertus:

I love Albertus so I like this.

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