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Good day all,

I've been knocking up a custom type thingy for my mag while I'm on downtime at work. I was wondering if I could get people's opinions. I'm in many minds about the 'w' and I'm not entirely sure about the 'm' either.

Would love to hear what you think.



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I like it, but only for large sizes. Based on the a, the counters will be too small to use below about 16 pt.
But back to your question about the w: The letters in this sample have details that are slightly off-balance, asymmetrical, but they all square up at the baseline. The w in example #3 is most simpatico with that style.

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First things first: What's it about? Who's it for?
Shapes aren't just supposed to look pretty - they have work to do.


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Good points, thanks.

It was going to be for a section head for the magazine I work for, (UK) Runner's World, and will be at least 16 point. To be honest, I was just bored and want to try and find any excuse to draw letters right now, so just started sketching, with the aims of something display size.

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And thanks for responding, I appreciate it!


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