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Here is a bit more progress on my typeface, Fuller. I appreciate your critical feedback.

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As the beginner I am, I feel there are some lacks of consistency across the font, even when they could be only in my mind.
First of all, some characters (Futura-like c, e, o, O, Q and 0) seem to me very discomfortable, perhaps due to their extreme geometrical ('unnatural') shape I would intuitively try to soften and overhelm.
Another thing disturbing to my eyes has to do with the high weight: there are certain unbalances that become evident in the a, e, f, z, E, F, G, 2, 5, 8, not to mention the odd ø, ligatures and accents, all related to the way you manage the boldness.
One distracting question about the sample is that some outlines render ugly because they are not propperly merged.
That's all at a very first sight.
I'll be back later, when I get more time.


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Wonderful. Thanks for the feedback MarS. This extreme weight is indeed tricky and causing me many headaches. This is my first typeface so the criticism is much needed.

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