Please critique this monogram.

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Hi, I'd like to hear what you have to say about this monogram. We're playing with no holds barred.

Thanks, Patrick

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I read it as 'PB'.

To me the outside curves look awkward where they join the NE and SE corners. Try making the curve extend a little further into the straight part, or even eliminating the straight altogether.

- Lex

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First, I like any monogram without delicate swirls, and this has some great potential.

It feels unbalanced to me. The breaks aren't visually equal, and the bottom bowl is kicked out too far? I agree with Lex; the curves seem inexplicably chopped off. I say let the curves be full curves or make the "chop off" more dramatic.

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Lex and Alaskan,

Thanks for your feedback. What you've suggested is clear to me know. Time to rework it.


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