Name the dot on lower case i and j

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Has anyone heard of a term other than "dot" for the dot that occurs above the lower case i and j?

I've been asked if there was an "official" term and I know of none.

Perhaps we can invent a new "official" term. Then we can claim special knowledge of it.

And to make this even more open-ended, I want to pass along the fact that here at Megacorporation, the registration mark is commonly referred to as an "R-ball". For some reason, however, a copyright symbol is not referred to as a "C-ball."


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It's called a tittle.

«El futuro es una línea tan fina que apenas nos damos cuenta de pintarla nosotros mismos». (La Luz Oscura, por Javier Guerrero)

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Can also be referred to as a Jot:

Jot / N. Gr.

The name of the letter, ex. i.
The smallest letter of the Greek alphabet.
An iota; a point; a tittle; the smallest particle.

Although a Jot usually is referring to the whole character.

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What about dotaccent and dotlessi?

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Sometimes a dotaccent is just a dotaccent.

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This is intriguing...

>I just got permission from Matthew Carter to reprint his small essay on “tittle,”

Wonder if anyone is familiar with it?

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I giggle a little whenever you use that word...

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Tittle on Wikipedia. A tittle-ating entry.

And from my Mac's dictionary:

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Thanks everyone! I'm feeling so entittled!

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It's nice to see that Megacorporation has Typographers on staff. Other places don't have those anymore!

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We should stick with "dot" and leave "tittle" to purists and jargon mavens.

I mean: why should we have to say or write "tittlelessi" when we can use "dotlessi"? For another thing, "tittlelessi" looks like the name of a Greek or Bulgarian cheese I could buy at Spiro's up there on University Avenue.

I had not bothered to see who made that first post until I saw Ricardo refer to "Megacorporation." Then I knew it was you. Cheers from across the river.


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You have to target your comments...

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I think that I'm with Will on this... See an earlier thread about the use of the terms "majuscules" and "minuscules":

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Name the dot on lower case i and j

To me, it’s just a half-assed umlaut.

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Beautiful, Florian :)

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On Florian has the balls to call it how it is.

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"Name the dot on lower case i and j"
I was thinking the i-dot would be Claire, the j-dot Buzz, then on the next face, who knows, Armstrong and Jackie, or Nick and Nack.


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