Building a PDF with Opentype

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I've just been stumped by our IT programmer who hasn't heard of Opentype.

What I want to do is replace Arial with Myriad Pro on our standard PDF letters. We are a training company and we send applicants standard e-mails through our website, uusually with dynamically created PDF documents attached. These PDFs are built on the fly using information specific to the person, such as the training course price, dates and location.

Unfortunately the coding to build the PDFs is quite old and doesn't include instructions what to do with an .otf file, only .afm and .ttf.

His solution would be to convert the .otf file to .ttf, which I think might not be legal but would solve the problem quickly.

My suggestion is that it must be easy to build a PDF using an opentype font, but he doesn't know where to find the right code. (He also doesn't see the difference between Arial and Myriad, but as he's a programmer I suppose that's excusable!)

I'm sure there's a simple solution somewhere, so does anyone have any useful links for doing this?

Many thanks :)

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I would use -- it's very reliable, flexible, and allows you to do good typography.


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Thanks for your links, will investigate.

Is it then not advisable to convert an OTF to a TTF? (I'm not sure where to find the Myriad Pro EULA)

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Could you use Myriad Web instead of Myriad Pro? The web version is available in TrueType.

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