Typo poster....something is missing!

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This was a painting I did while I was in college.... And now I want to make a poster out of it
but still I feel something is wrong........ There are some details supposed to be added later like phone numbers and address.... but still.......

How about the font and it's size?

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The font used for "Arabic calligraphy gallery" doesn't really suggest calligraphy to me. Think about using a font that captures more of that "hand-written" aesthetic. Also think about reducing the size of the text for the gallery location and breaking it into 2 lines and centered. Also consider spelling out the dates (i.e. Feb should be spelled out as February). This will make it look and feel more formal. I don't know what your final poster size will be but also consider making a vertical list and centering the artists names - almost like movie credits. Hope this helps.

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The final size will be 35x50 cm
so by using vertical listing will fill the space.....

Thank you so much.......... It helped alot :)


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