In search Hot Metal Van Dijck

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I'm looking for a letterpress printer who can cast new Monotype fonts and has matrices for Van Dijck. I need to commission some proofs for my MFA thesis. Anyone got a lead? thanks!


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Michael Bixler:

Metal Van Dijck is a wonderful face to print with on good paper. I love it. have fun.


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M & H Type in San Francisco:

They set manmy thousands of lines of Van Dijck for me.


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I have a Swedish edition of De architectura by roman architect Vitruvius from 1989, set in Monotype Van Dijck 12/13 by Geuze & Co's Drukkerij in Dordrercht, the Netherlands.
I tried to google it but couldn't find a web page for the company. So either it's gone or some dutch friend here at Typophile could perhaps tell us if it's still around.

The book is/looks awesome.


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