Typeface suggestions needed--what says "Ira Glass's voice" to you?

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I'm working on a text-heavy video to accompany a "This American Life" segment, and still haven't quite found Ira's voice yet. I've spent quite a while looking and am ready for some outside suggestions.

For those who've never heard the show, check it out at http://www.thisamericanlife.org.

Thanks so much for any insights you can provide.

Edit: apparently em dashes aren't kosher in subject lines? I'll keep that in mind for the future.

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Tall, condensed, with a quirky flair. Something that breaks up the rhythmic monotony.

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Good, George! And he has a classic formal side too, in his suit and tie. Maybe FF Lancé, FF Sanuk, Oranda, Dispatch, or Fairplex.

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Fairplex is very good. I wouldn’t have said tall. His voice is thin and precise, but soft. He’s so well spoken and right on top of his ideas, but likes the low, quirky side—in a detached way.

Maybe Bree Light would be a contender.

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I love Bree but I think it is a little too feminine for Ira.

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I put This American Life in the same category as McSweeney's, which has a very distinct typographic voice. Check out the magazine if you're not familiar with it.

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I love Bree but I think it is a little too feminine for Ira.

I had that same thought. I went to see him speak a few years ago. It may be generational, but he doesn’t project with a typical male bravado. He’s not androgynous—that’s not it—but is balanced maybe in a way that a generation that hasn’t been raised on macho can be.

This is a fun one.

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I agree with George's choice of the word "quirky" - maybe Parry? To me it looks literary and quirky.

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Great suggestion, Chris! And it has a sans companion if you want something without balls and feet.

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I'd say the face is less important than the typesetting. I'd want it to be very loose, open, floating. That with a face that leans towards the lighter side would work for me.

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This, BTW, would be a great idea for a student project.

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> if you want something without balls and feet.

Stephen, I hope you're not implying anything about Ira . . .

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I saw his feet, FWIW.

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No implication implied at all. Was simply fun to type.

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There seems to be a disjunct between his voice, which is contemporary, and his visual style and the present graphics, which are retro-modern. So it's probably best to stick with the nostalgic look, and go for a face that was popular in mid 20th century America. Handwritten script is also a good way to suggest a voice.

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maybe take a que from his iconic glasses?

- Scott

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I like the Parry suggestion a lot. Continuing in that line of thought, you might have Archer. Somehow I see Newzald working as well.

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His voice makes me think of Proxima Nova. But Parry is quite a good choice, too.

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Archer is again too feminine and precious.

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Maybe we should ask him.

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Something tells me he would turn the question back on you while he was turning on his tape recorder.

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I did do this as a student project! I typeset an entire episode of the radio show. It took me weeks, but it was good exercise.

I used Syntax for Ira at the time.

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I say Relay.

Someone should show him this thread. I can only imagine what it would be like to come upon a thread on a random forum discussing which typeface best represents my voice.

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Handwritten script is also a good way to suggest a voice.

Like this?

I emailed the show. We'll see what happens.

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I’ll add my vote to the Perry suggestion, and throw Dolly into the pot.

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Oops. I mean to be quoting from Nick (Handwritten script is also a good way to suggest a voice.)--used the wrong tag.

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Archer or maybe even Silica

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Thanks for all the fantastic suggestions! My favorite at this point, by far, is Parry.

Any other takers?

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