Best typeface match in MS Windows (XP & Vista) for Interstate and AT Egyptian (see attached images)

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I need to find the best match for Interstate and AT Egyptian, among the MS Windows default typefaces (i know Vista has some more - compared to XP).
What are your suggestions? I think it's quite hard, expecially for the egyptian :(

Thanks in advance,

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Arial Black / Arial or Impact for Interstate.

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Ohm, I forgot Vista. Corbel maybe? None of these are very close though.

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No good options - in XP might want to consider Courier New Bold for the Egyptian and Tahoma for the Interstate.

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Cambria for Egyptian?
Ever since I chose to block pop-ups, my toaster's stopped working.

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Trebuchet is probably closest to Interstate.

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>Trebuchet is probably closest to Interstate.

Providing your copy includes no 'g's

Cheers, Si

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heh, g or no g, it has the closest character in my mind. Verdana in a close 2nd.

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If they have Office on XP they might also have Rockwell as an alternative for the Egyptian

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Verdana in a close 2nd.

No, Tahoma is. Check the spacing.

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OK. You got me there. Forgot about Tahoma.

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