crazy font promo video; shown at typecon 08?

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hi all,

i remember seeing a crazy video at typecon last year (possibly as part of one of the panels) that had been created to promo a font release. it featured an old couple, and made little sense. i can't remember for the life of me who showed it, can anyone help me out? i'll even buy you a brew at typecon 09 :)


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I've got a run-down of the videos shown at ATypI08 on The FontFeed, but I don't know if the program was the same. Check the list, maybe you'll recognise it?

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Typophile Film Fest didn't run at TypeCon last year. So the video in question would not necessarily have been part of the Fest at ATypI.

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It was Mike Cina from YWFT.

Absent Grotesque from YouWorkForThem on Vimeo.


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thanks fredrico - there's a beer waiting for you in atlanta :)

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Nooooice! See you there!

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