Your opinion on an appropriate typeface for a logo . . ?

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First time I've posted anything like this before, so here goes.

Just got this new job in to re-design a logo for a Medical Care product. The name is going to be (PEC) (Premier Electromedical Care)
Due to the nature of the product the client doesn't want anything to complex, so we have agreed to apply just typographic treatment to the name.

I wanted to get your views on any appropriate typefaces that in your opinion would suit this? in particular a face that has a certain unique stance in uppercase? I'm thinking Sans Serif will be better suited for this job but am open to suggestions otherwise.

I've done a bit of leg work on this already, Initial sketches found me to be leaning towards the geometric form with the letters sitting well in lowercase, but this style used way to often.

For those interested you can get some background info on the product from this link. (and yes I'm in talks to design the website too :)

I will be posting the progress of this design through out course.

Here's a quick Myriad visual of what lettering is involved.


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Excuse the typo, Premier*

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Given that you have such a round open shape in the C and a nice flat in the P the shape of the logotype is always going to be a little odd. You might be best served by something strictly geometric or at least with more rigid shapes. Something with the C being more closed even.

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Not sans-serif, but I think they would look good with this:

1. TheSerif Black
2. Clarendon Black

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As much as i try to stay away from applying this geometric form to the logo I find myself coming back to it, although my original sketches did find this to work well. I created this example just using the circle and pen tool. It does have a certain pleasing aesthetic look about it but I'm not totally sold. One can find suggestions of the pulse waves that display on the product, on the contours outlining the logo.

This is the product the logo will also be displayed on.

Patrick; I haven't got serif black but it seemed to remind me of (PMN Caecilia) even tho thats a slab! I'll get a mock up of that and see how it looks.

Thanks for your input so far guys!

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Try a font where the "E" is round (or take the "C" and add a bar).
Or maybe an "E" with a double-round structure, like in Tarzana.

I'm also getting a slab-serif vibe out of this.

Or maybe try a pixelfont aesthetic.


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