How easily it can happen...

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I was pretty happy with my logo for my soon to be set up design consultancy...

I was busy enquiring about domain names and saw there was a company with the same name in the U.S. Here's their logo...

I suppose it wasn't the MOST original idea in the world - still, it's pretty frustrating. Back to the drawing board I guess...

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At least you caught it before you launched your business, some people don’t. And FWIW, your logo is much better.

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Kind of you to say mate - thanks.

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When choosing a name for a new company, the first thing you should do with potential names is to search for them on the Internet. Although the fact that you don't find your potential name on the Internet is not an absolute guarantee that the name isn't in use, it's a good start.

There is another way to search for possible conflicts that perhaps you should not use (although I am not sure): A friend told me that he did a domain name search for a potential company name and found the domain available, but when we tried to register that name a little later, it was no longer available. He thinks that some people monitor domain name requests (how they can do this, I don't know), and then register names they find there so that the original searchers will have to buy the domain name from them. To me this seems like a lot of work and expense for uncertain results, but if it's true you could be risking your potential domain name by searching for it before you're ready to register it.
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Yep. I had this logo since 1986 (Designpoint Pty Ltd):

Quite recently, some good soul invented this:

Got really tired of expaining that I did not borrow the idea.
So I scrapped the logo, then the company, and became a type designer :)

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