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After too many years I planned to build a website of my studio.
I'm uncertain, but I think to something very simple and grid oriented.
But as (mainly) book and print designer I'm afraid to meddle a book-centered approach in my project.
Any suggestion (of good legibility and good working platform)?

thanks in advance

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I'd install WordPress, pick a minimal template, and start posting your work.

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Yup, WordPress is quite easy and lightweight. Some grid-oriented themes I know:


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If you're at all interested in the inner workings of Web design, I would encourage you to bypass WordPress (for now). Instead, try to design and develop a simple, static site with Photoshop and HTML or XHTML and CSS. A good intro book that many people recommend is Sitepoint's Build Your Own Web Site The Right Way Using HTML & CSS.

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Thanks to all,
I'll try both solutions (WordPress and Photoshop+HTML).
When some draft will online I ask the forum for suggestions.


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Start with static html first


Start with static html first. Then try to adapt it into a WordPress theme.


Get a minimalist theme like Sandbox (http://www.plaintxt.org/themes/sandbox/) and redesign it to fit your own.

Take your time, don't rush. :)

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