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I was wanting to get some feedback on this for my wifes photography logo and thought with "Creative" I could include some freelance design jobs as well. Let me know what you guys think.

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Remove the color to get a more objective critique. Because right now, the red and aqua is suggesting a very early - mid nineties color scheme. Also, try to improve the quality of the png you made, as it's distracting to see the low-resolution compression boogers on angled lines — such as the right side of the camera logo, the "v", the "y" and all of the characters in "creative".

I can tell you now though that the "creative" bit is going to be lost at small sizes. (Especially since it's almost lost at this size!). Choose a less condensed font for it.


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There are so many different kinds of photography businesses. What kind of photography business does your wife have? Personally, I'm not wild about a camera in a photographer's logo.


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Help. Can anyone suggest a starting point for logo design with my photography? Are there any resources for creative, artistic, faSHION-oriented (not commercial, rigid or sterile) designs?
New to this site... Thanks!

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Well I've made one myself--I spent a lot of time just googling photography logos and business cards for inspiration. That might help you see the gamut and know about where you're wanting yours to stand--modern, high fashion; ornate, high fashion; natural but contemplative and somber; natural but intense and lively; etc.

That's your first starting point--position the business by gauging it against all the types of photography out there.

My process came from knowledge of what this photographer liked to shoot best (even if it wasn't what she would shoot all the time)--which was nature macros. Hopefully it's helpful to you that you have intimate knowledge of your wife's style.

In addition, have you used the search feature to read thru the old threads on this site?

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