What font do you FEEL like the most?

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Do you ever phisically feel like a certain font? If so, what font would you like to date, marry, have coffee with, have a one night stand with, etc?

I am Helvetica. I would really love to meet Handlettering for casual Thai food dinner. Who knows what could happen next?

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I am Gill Sans. Curvy, old fashioned, misunderstood and Welsh. Who else should I want to get into bed with for cuddles and cups of tea other than with Perpetua?

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David, there are laws against that sort of thing.

I am Thesis. I love myself, I think I'm grand, I go to the movies just to hold my hand.

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it depends who's doing the feeling

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As much as I want to be Optima, I fear I am more Cooper Black. Sigh.

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You have to work through those issues of being Cooper black to be the Optima you want to be. GO FOR IT.

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I'm addicted to Requiem for logo usage... Must buy a new font :P

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Adriano what font are you? Not what font do you like.

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I feel just like Honey I'm Home. Want to marry Batman Forever.

No, seriously .... Gill Sans Regular ... er, lower-case g ... thats me!


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Myriad Pro

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I'm Akzidenz Grotesk, only more optimistic.

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I think Storm's Serapion II would make a good drinkin' buddy

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You have to work through those issues of being Cooper black to be the Optima you want to be. GO FOR IT.

I don't think issues are the problem as much as cheese bagels! :-)

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I've been feeling like Californian a bit lately, dunno why.

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I'm a Bureau Grotesque Three Seven (Grotesque No. 9). I fantasize about being Trajan, though.

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Caslon. I can stand on my own, as befits an English gentleman, but I long to be locked in a chase with that French babe Claudine Garamond. She's soooo pretty.

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I would really like to see Caslon and Garamond getting along. Talk about ups and downs. I can see arguments over dinner, but potentially great make up sex. Ahhh the cycle continues.

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The offspring of their affair is visible in Rod McDonald's "Laurentian".

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Sometimes I act a bit Trajan, but I'm really more Scala Sans.

I'm just happy that I've found a good eclectic but functional serif to settle down with.

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Must have been a truly wild night!

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It's funny this topic came up. Just a couple of days ago I wrote this on a napkin: "I feel like a different font every day." There you have my answer...

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Schneidler Light with a stroke of .1 @ 13pt
or Minion most of the time....
when the medications aren't letting me down.

ITC Smack after too much coffee or Dew.

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I'm village, in all it's varriations. But I think I need more ligatures. Today though I'm small caps ital.

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Dammit! I would like to be a nice font but right now I feel more like a ridiculous dingbat. Maybe tomorrow...

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I feel schizophrenic like an old stack of ATF specimen cards, old, tattered, and green.

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garamond when i'm not feeling like franklin gothic black

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I feel exactly like this:

Tall, sharp and to the point.
A little fancy, brand new, but
very proper (ahem).

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