Multiple lots of the same business card design: InDesign or Illustrator?

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This is an opinion poll:

I need to layout maybe 10 lots of business cards using the same layout, and then 1 'blank' lot, so that blank will have a slightly different layout.

Would you build this as an InDesign file, or would you save them all as separate Illustrator files?

I usually do biz cards in Illustrator, but with many lots, it gets cumbersome.


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Illustrator using the variable features (pull data from an XML source so you can rapidly use one design to create cards for many individuals). But I think I'd do that mostly because I'm more familiar with Illustrator as far as card layout and printing goes.

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I'd say InDesign too, but it's also worth asking the printer how they would like the files prepared. They might want a separate pdf for each card in which case it doesn't matter which program you use.

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InDesign, all the way.

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