DSType releases new site and new typefaces

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DSType announces the release of the new website and very soon a completely new online store will be available. The new site brings new typefaces: Dobra and Glosa Display.


We proudly introduce Dobra, the redesign of a previous released typeface by DSType named Dione. We decided to keep the same basic structure but we added more style and personality, while gaining a few more weights and styles. Dobra is now more robust than ever and is available in five weights with matching italics and is a good choice both for publication designers and corporate identity.


Glosa Display

Glosa Display is the latest addition to the Premium Typefaces and the perfect companion to previously released Glosa. With it's extra high contrast for eye-catching feature titles and strong personality, Glosa Display is the ideal typeface for use in very big sizes, every time you want to achieve a stylish but classic look.


Dino dos Santos

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i look forward to these being available in the store!

until then, then they be bought anywhere else?

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I believe these new typefaces will be available next week or so, at the usual distributors.


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Dobra is now ready for purchase at TypeTrust...


Working on a PDF and eBlast now. Glosa Display is coming up next!

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Very nice site (and typefaces), Dino!

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Here's the TypeTrust Dobra PDF.

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Glosa Display is now available through TypeTrust.


You can also get the PDF right here

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Very nice!

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Hello there:

What is the difference between a “Premium Typeface” and a non-premium?

Mikey :-)

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” Very Nice ” Força colega!

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"What is the difference between a “Premium Typeface” and a non-premium?"

Glad you ask!
The Premium Typefaces are more like a process or a service than just a collections of fonts.

You can choose to license 10 weights, for instance, and that doesn't mean that the weights should be the ones available in my site because it's possible to customize certain aspects (weights, widths and few new glyphs) without charging extra money. Of course without exclusivity.

This implies a more close relationship between designer-costumer, and I appreciate that. The client might need a not-so-condensed version of Prelo, and a weight between the Medium and Semi-Bold, to use in the cover of a magazine. It will allow the fonts to fit as perfect as possible, the costumer ideas.


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wow, i like the sound of that Dino!

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When are you planning on re-releasing some of your older faces? I want a full opentype Cultura!

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