Looking for alternatives to Cambria...

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Hi everybody,

I'm looking for a modern Serif – as alternative for Cambria. Client is in the fashion industry. I would like it to be larger family, especially a 'light' weight is needed.

So far i've got:
- Documenta (I'm not keen on the large 'ascenders')
- Fedra

But I would like to hear your suggestions.


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As far as modern, technical looking serif typeface families go, Fedra is probably one of your best bets. You might also consider FF Absara or FF Meta Serif, both from FontShop. Try searching this site for similar threads.

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You might want to contact Ascender to get a quote on the production of a Light. Depending on the number of licenses the customer needs it might be cost-effective. Or it might not.

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Thanks everyone,

Client decided to go with Fedra. They liked the fact that they had the option for certain purposes to have a Sans matching...

Checked out Meta Serif agian btw. Beautifully done!

@Sii > As for getting a light production: this client won't justify the costs. However your idea just found it's way into another proposal for another client, thanks.

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