Yes, I stood in line for an hour and a half for Dennys Free Grand Slam Breakfast!

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Free food?

Denny’s Grand Slam?

I’m there!

But I’m paying for it dearly.

Tum, Tum, Tums!

Not to mention I had to deal with the atrocious people behind me.

“My mom socked that b$%^* for talkin’ that s@!$ for getting crazee and we’s was like....”

But it was free right?



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I wonder what the total cost to Denny's will be for that.

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For certain the waiters did very well... lots of tips for them.

But people were buying orange juice and sides. And we all know that appetizers are ridiculously expensive and highly profitable.

As bizarre as the whole thing was... it was kinda cool if not kitch.

Darrel, did you go too?

Mikey :-)

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FRee Denny's Grand Slam Breakfast on 2/3/2009 & in 1 free coupon book with 8 coupons
One free original slam (2 eggs, 2 sausage, 2 bacon, 2 cakes) per customer from 6 am til 2 pm on Tuesday, Feb 3rd. No substitutions, no carryout orders. The commercial announcing it airs in the third quarter of the Super Bowl.

Every guest from 6AM - 2PM on Tuesday will receive 1 free Grand slam, and 1 free coupon book with 8 coupons in it. Each coupon book has 4 BOGO's, 2- 25% off coupons, 1 coupon good for free dessert , and 1 coupon good for a free order of pancake puppies. Each Denny's in the US received 1,000 of these coupon books to hand out to guests on Tuesday who order a free Grand Slam. And theirs more.............

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