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Hey all, I'm fascinated by this face used for the graphical titles of (some of) the NYT blogs. I had a look on What The Font, but no joy. It looks like a super heavy Egyptienne, but I can't see it as part of that family... Ideas? Not a custom job is it?

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Jubilat by Joshua Darden comes close but no cigar...

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Sorry... Previously discussed at, probably custom. Closest matches found are BT Stymie Extra Bold and LT Memphis Extra Bold (see here, here and here)

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It's an old Linotype font called Karnak Black. I don't know if there's a digital version.

Nick Cooke

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It could also be a version of Beton Extra Bold with key manglings.

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"It’s an old Linotype font called Karnak Black."

"I don’t know if there’s a digital version."
I don't know how there could not be a digital version.


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That's what I would have thought, although a search only reveals an ornamented font by that name (not Black).

Nick Cooke

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Thanks all! That's very useful, and answered my question. Good old NYT.


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