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I'd like some feedback on a logo I made.

The logo is for a party label called 'Katerdag na de Zaterdag' which is Dutch. It literally means hangoverday after the saturday. Doesn't rhyme in English though.
I first tried to come up with an idea for a logo instead of logotype. That didn't work out to good. Then I came up with the idea you can see below. The K and the Z intertwined into a sort of ribbon.

The idea behind Katerdag na de Zaterdag is to organize party's on a sunday when everybody's kind of mellow. The dj sets are recorded and put up on a website (which I also have to design)

So the idea behind the logo is that the party on sunday flows naturally out of the saturday.

The guys I'm designing this for already had a kind of idea of how they wanted it to look. They had thought about a sketchy look, where you can still see the drawing lines, but i actually like the clean one (first one) better.

Oh, probably a good thing to mention... I haven't put many time in the type itself, so it still needs some work. Suggestions are more then welcome however.

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Gosh..it's soo..Dutch:D Take it as a compliment. I actually like the last one bottom right and the reversed version. Feel the "sketchy" one with too many lines spoils it..and the first one, while nice, doesn't capture the idea succinctly enough. My two cents:D

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left upper corner, it the K and the Z stay the most readable

anders gezegd, de links boven je k en je z blijven het meeste gewoon letter, die transpatatie zorgt er voor dat de de lijnen goed doorlopen. die gearceerde schaduwen trekken te veel de aandacht en zonder 'iets' is te veel een losse krul.

moet erbij zeggen dat ik em héél mooi vind!

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So you both agree that the sketchy one isn't the best. Problem is that the guys i'm designing it for, like the sketchy version the most. Perhaps with some adjustments it could be a compromise.
And thanks for the compliments. I wonder what's so Dutch about it though.

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"And thanks for the compliments. I wonder what’s so Dutch about it though."

me too, and good luck with your client

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