Anyone know this logo???

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Anyone know this logo??? Just need more information about the middle shoe logo......

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Isn't that from Mercury? Reminds me of a statue:

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i dont know what is this exactly...but i think it is some standard logo

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Goodyear uses the winged shoe as its logo:

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off-topic, but..
altaira <> talaria = coincidence? :)

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Coincidence. But not a bad one!

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I think Hermes and Loki also wore them...

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Hermes is the greek Mercury or rather Mercury is the roman version of Hermes.

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How freaky: I found the word talaria in my dictionary two days ago and thought "What a great word! When am I ever likely to see it in use though?" ...and then this!
Ever since I chose to block pop-ups, my toaster's stopped working.

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