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I have been charged with the task of designing a series of large scale 5' by 8' banners that will be hung on the exterior of a building staggered from the 2nd floor about 20' up to the roof about 60'up. They will be viewed at multiple levels, ground floor primarily, but can also be seen from the windows of each floor, and looked down at from the roof. The banners will only feature text.

Does anyone have any advice about special considerations to make for typography at such a large scale? I am primarily concerned about legibility. What would be an appropriate type size for something displayed up to 60' away? and is there any treatment done to acommadate the viewing angle? Are you aware of any literature on the subject?

Thank you.

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Some considerations. Don't crowd your margins and give your text some air. Vision tends to blends things at any real distance. Your text will bleed of into infinity if it crowds the edge and bleed together if it is too close.

Give yourself some decent contrast.

Choose a font with some decent weight to all the strokes but not too bold. And, according the the USDOT, a 2 inch sanserif character can be read from 50 feet.

I'm certain there are documents on the subject, I just never got the chance to read them.

Hope that helps.


...from the Fontry

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Thanks for considerations. This will be good to keep in mind. I bet I can find some good info from the ADA aswell.

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I wish I knew what to say beyond “unusually wide letterspacing.”

Joe Clark

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