Pattyfab Birthday charge!

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Happy Birthday patty and may you get a charge out of your day!


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Happy happy, Patty!

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Happy Birthday!

Paljon onnea syntymäpäivänäsi! :^)

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Woo! Happy birthday Patty :)

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Happy birthday!

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Happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday; all the best!

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Happy birthday!

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happy birthday!!!!

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Patty, you are fab. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

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Have a FABulous Birthday!

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Happy Birthday with Flowers!

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You're so last year! ;)

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tell us all how fab it was, patty!

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Thanks all!!!

I saw my shadow which means 6 more weeks of winter. On the plus side one of my groundhog brethren bit Mayor Bloomberg on the finger. Props, bro!

A bit of trivia that Chuck didn't know when he made the card: the Beatles arrived in NY just 5 days after I was born. I am told that I watched them on Ed Sullivan when I was a week old. Can't say I remember that, but as a kid I had blue meanie posters up in my room. Loved Yellow Submarine.

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Buon compleanno Pat! Sorry I'm late. Lorenza

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Happy Birthday Patty!

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Hi, Lore! Good to see you back!


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Hey, Patty, have you seen the Viva Chuck! t-shirts? ;-)

Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday,

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Happy Birthday Patty!

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I'm late to the party - but thanks for causing one!
Happy Happy Birthday


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