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Hello! so, I'm trying to make a bitmap serif font that I can actually use in day-to-day work.

does anything look wrong or weird?



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looks very crisp, clean and refreshing to me. the only think that troubles me (and i'm nitpicking here) is that the arm on the k seems a bit stubby. very nice work!

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thanks - you're right about the k. at first I liked it but after altering I think it's stronger this way:

Bitley 2

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much better! sorry no one else has weighed in here for you. the boards seem quiet lately. or is it just me?

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Hi Andrew, this is nice. I think the longer arm on the k is an improvement. I like the figures and the @ sign a lot.

<nitpicking>The top of the 's' seems a little squished to me. Maybe it goes too far to the right?</nitpicking>

It's nice and bright. Bitley is a good name.

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let there be no mistake - nitpicking is a good thing! thank you both for nitpicking.
here's a new version with alterations (a,p,q,s,t,C,M,S,V,W,X,Y):

bitley 3

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