Wedding Invite Critique

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Need some help here on this invite I'm working on. I'm trying to mix many typefaces in a complimentary way, and the inspiration is from old signage and packaging. The final invites will be screen printed on cloth and ripped out for a rough edge. I've been looking at it too long and need some help. Any feedback is great. thanks for your time.

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A nice solution to the boring wedding invitation

Either "with our families" or "to share their joy and support their love as they exchange"

I think "CHASE" needs more space, perhaps in letterspacing or leading, or a different font. I may be wanting something more flowing, like the rest of the large text.

The majority has the aesthetic you're looking for, but the bottom has a more crisp, neutral, modernist, bland, clean feel. I suggest you change that to match the rest.

Even if you don't change the type on the bottom, you may consider removing the line and/or centering the bottom space instead of the whole line or adjusting the letterspacing to center it. I think it needs to be centered somehow if it's going to be separated like that.

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Thanks for you help.

Good looking out on the typo, something we didn't even notice. I agree about the bottom portion of the invite - it's something that's really been bugging me. And I'll work on some more variations in "CHASE". I've got to work on it some more tonight and I'll post up a new version. Thanks again.

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