Redesigning Porto Carras

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Hello everybody

i have just started to redesign a logo
for a "chateau". The company is very famous
in Greece for their hotel in an amazing landscape
in Chalkidiki (northern Greece). Wine production
is a secondary activity of the company
and the "chateau" is placed in the same
landscape to the hotel. There is no need
to be a connection between the two -i just
mention the whole thing for the story.

I tried to make the design as clearer i can,
though i kept all the basic shapes in the buildings
since i don't know how much i can omit.

For the moment i prefer A though i am not sure
about the sizes (that's why A1 and A2).

I am looking forward for comments about
the typography and the clarity of the design.
I was trying to find a good combination to make
a ligature but i couldn't see such a case.
If anybody have a suggestion on it i will be
very pleased to know.

Thanks in advance and have you all a nice day.




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I like very much the way that you have used the thinning lines to convey the landscape, but I wonder if the oval shape retained from the original isn't keeping the whole design somewhat rigid. Is that oval shape a requirement from the client?

Otherwise, I don't like the versions with the borders around the image as I find that they make the design heavy. If pressed, however, I would prefer the borders in B, C, D and F because they mirror the lines in the image.

Generally I prefer the versions without the thin-thick line at the bottom as they are more open and welcoming, although the F and H are fun. My favourite example is G.

I hope that these comments are helpful; I look forward to seeing the final decisions for this project.

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I like the logo without an oval border, and I
like the KAPPA? (?) with the swash K, like in
C,D,E. I also like KTHMA in italics, like in B.

But these are the details and I think that you
have the core of an excellent mark.

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Christos, you have made an excellent mark. Of those that you show here I like A2. No border on the oval and the double rule below the type looks both fresh and modern to my eye but also provides a nice foundation for the type.

In general the oval is very active and is eyecatching. I wonder if the buildings could be simplified, removing the window details and providing a calmer centre like the pupil in the iris of an eye.

No matter what, your revision of this mark is a huge step forward for the chateau.


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Hello and thank you for the immediate response.


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Hello Christos,

Don't get me wrong, I think the oval works as well. I like the play between the curve of the edge of the
oval and the various straight lines. Were it bothers me is in how the oval shape isolates the image
from the type.

Maybe it is just me, but I would put the type aound the oval (like in the original) as that would unify the
two, however I didn't want to suggest that when I put up my first post (as I felt that it would not be
interesting for you to be too similar to the original) so I wondered about modifying the oval instead.

By the way, I like the modifications you made; they have lightened everything up considerably.

The Italics in III are to my taste; they go very well with the other elements.

Just a question, what kind of applications will this have other than letterhead etc. Will this be on signs,
wine bottles, menus?

And best of luck to the Greek team today! We will be watching from here (if we can find space
in a caf

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don't worry Robert and of course i didn't get you
wrong. I was wondering about the oval after
you mentioned it, so i tried different shapes.

It was a good coinsidence because now that
i opened typophile to send them, i find your post.

I think you are right about the type.
It works better in the way it is now.

The sign will be applied on everything
you mentioned and even more...

Thanks about the support but Czechs have a great
team. I hope we will win, but if not at least
the competitor is a worthy one.

cheers, christos


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Wow, these look great!

It occurs to me that by removing the "sky" the image has opened up, which really lets the
type into the image. It think that a version with a rounded bottom might embrace more the type
on top, but I like these versions too.

It's funny, I wasn't partial to the swash caps in the previous versions, but I like them in this
latest post. I think that the angles of the swashes are working well with the lines in bottom right of
the image. But I find the middle version the most elegant typographicaly.

This is really a beautiful project. I'd stay at the chateau if I were in town...


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This design has progressed very nicely, terrific job Christos. From your last posting I prefer the logo (in the grouping of five with no type) that is in the middle. It has the sky (?, I thought it was more landscape) and the land on the left breaks out of the rectangle shape. to me, it makes the overall design more interesting and dynamic. As for the type I like the version on the left, with the swash K's. One thing that looks off to me is the swash k next to the cap T and then small caps for hma. I don't read Greek so I'm assuming that is gramitically correct, but how would it look with thma all in small caps?

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good morning.

Robert and Kirsten i tried your suggestions.

Kirsten you are right that the "T" doesn't fit
to the "K". Actually i was thinking about that
...i just needed someone to say it.
I also tighten the kerning and now i think
the swashes work better.

Robert it seems your wish worked as we won
the Czechs yesterday. I have to admit that
they really were the best team in Euro 2004
but the psycology was with us (around 15.000
Greeks were at the stadium) and our defence
was strong. If i wasn't Greek i would support
the Czechs and even that i am pround we passed
on the other hand i feel sorry that
they didn't make it, because they deserved it.

Thanks for the feedback, au revoir


make itnew3

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Let's stay out of soccer comments, please? Now on point - is there a seashore on the old logo? I can't see it in your redesign...

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You are right Ivan. There is a seashore in the original logo, but i decided to "sacrifice" it for the favor of simplicity (or i didn't find a way to keep it). Of course if the client will insist on it i will have to find a way. more words about soccer. Not everybody share this discussion with the same pleasure...


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Regarding the sea--perhaps the straight lines at the left could be parallel curves? This would gently indicate the shore but not become too important. The 2 sets of straight lines now seem to be attacking a fort.
I like the last 2 in "C" best. Perhaps the length of the curved type "Porto Karras" could equal the width of the drawing. The word "KTHMA" could be smaller, lighter, and wide letterspaced to also equal the width of the drawing?


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I have not drawn the curves but here is a crude idea of what I meant with the type:

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chris: i agree that the straight lines are disturbing and that there is a need for more contrast between "KTHMA" and the name. One the other hand i disagree with the need to fix everything in the same width first because i think it will be so over-symmetric for my taste and second the letters will be very small. About the contrast i prefer to keep the lc italics as in B2 and C2 (i think i will keep C2).

Good day to all, christos

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Hi Christos,

That is lovely. The only thing I notice is the strange perspective change between the two towers. The tall tower looks like it is falling to the right. I think it will need to be flatter on top (showing less of the back wall. Either that, or the tower with the roof may need to show more roof. Speaking of this roof, did you try the left side dark and right side light

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randy couldn't i see all that before. You are completely right!

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