Advertisement ...... my first actually

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good morning or good afternoon.. :)

This is an advertisement I did for our company.. It is the first I ever did.

It will be a series of ADs that uses the SB to take shapes of the company properties.

So, what do you think? I would like to make a portfolio so I can apply for some companies and i would like to show the best.

looking forward to your suggestions...

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not sure if people will get the property shapes.
For me it just looks odd...
I've had a look at swiss bahrain's website.
It seems the colours and fonts are different
to your ad and the icon is stretched.
Might be a good idea to check their brand guidelines.

Personally I think your ad needs some more work.
What do you want to communicate? And what elements
are supporting your message? In your case your saying
"apartments for rent", so for me it would be important
to see more about those apartments rather than
the shape of the building.

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Hi, Agostini

the SB Holding has 5 departments, every department has a different colour
the SB properties colour is the one i used, while the holding colour is what you saw on the website.
And i dont know how it appeard to you.. it should be closed!! :)

the icon is streched because my illustrator doesnt support arabic, and there should be an arabic line above the english.

Aha.. So you want to see something more related to apartments... like a picture of an apartment?

I'll try... thnx

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